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About us

First Realm Publishing is a royalty paying publishing company.

FRP charges NO fees of any kind to authors for publishing services. Editorial service, cover art design and production, paperback set-up fees, and ISBN numbers are provided at absolutely NO fee to our contracted authors. 

First Realm Publishing General Inquires:



These ratings are set by the author's description of their story.

(from no romance to sex behind closed doors)

(contains several lovemaking scenes without graphic language)

(can include hot, frequent love scenes)

(may include BDSM, GBLT, ménage, graphic terms for body parts and intercourse)


Our dedicated team: 

While the team is very serious when it comes to books and publishing, they weren’t all together co-operative or serious when it came to photos and bios for our page.

R.J. Kerr - Publisher

R.J. has been involved in every aspect of books that you can think of. She has been a reader since age 6 (far too many decades ago). She has been a writer, copy editor, format editor, proof reader, beta reader, critique reader and submissions reader. We could put BIG NAMES in here to impress, but the truth is the publishing world is a new world with new markets and possibilities now, so the past doesn’t cut it. One thing from her experience spawned the idea for First Realm Publishing, as a submission reader she had to say no to more books than she would have preferred. Too many great books were turned away because they didn’t fit into the publisher’s set-in-stone idea of what readers wanted. For R.J., every story has a reader waiting for it. With this in mind she began the crazy process of setting up FRP to bring a new world of fiction to light.

Andrew Wilson - Acquisitions Editor

I just want to find a book that excites me, one that entertains or intrigues me, a story that makes me work to solve it before I reach the end, and a tale that makes me laugh and cry…if it happens these are six separate books, that’s fine too. I won’t find any of these stories unless you write them and send them to me…
Off the Wall Creation - Cover Art 

Most of our covers are made by Jared...
Jared only has one question; "when he moves onto the other side, does he have to bring his own wireless game controller or are they supplied?"

He is our epic master when it comes to taking the probably impossible and making it happen with mouse in hand and focus on the screen. For years his gaming worried friends and family, then he progressed to building the machines for them and then finally moved on to impress and awe them when he began creating art on the computer.
Gaele Hince - Senior Editor

Believe it or not, I don’t think there is any such thing as too many books! In fact, I’ve shown a photo of my “Late May through June” table - which has all of the reads for review as well as AudioBook listens, notes, to do list and my various reading devices for eBooks. This is where most of the magic happens, and it is how I organize my months. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, and if you listened to the ‘other half’, he would be certain to tell you that I ignore him repeatedly as my nose is in a book or an edit. Fortunately, I’m also a bit obsessive, so I am able to manage multiple deadlines, commitments and books while still having time to raise my hand to take on new projects. I’m excited for this new publishing venture, and hope that you will join us for the ride!
Jaii Frost - Author Liaison

“There can never be too many pairs of shoes.”

My writing isn’t brilliant, my editing usually lacking but finding all the answers and keeping everyone on track­- that I can do. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone that does.